Nature positive is more than a global goal, it is a fundamental way of doing business.

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Working for Nature

The mining industry is highly dependent on nature, from water provision to supply chain continuity, our members are working to ensure that their actions are appropriate to the different landscapes in which they operate.

ICMM members are operating in ways that recognise: 

Mining impacts nature; we are accountable for minimising harm and transforming our relationship with nature.

Indigenous Peoples are vital partners. We respect the deep knowledge and connection that Indigenous Peoples have with the land on which we operate.

Collaboration across sectors is essential for success. We will engage and collaborate with stakeholders to support a nature positive future for all.

Robust measurements to monitor progress are critical. We will continue to support the collective development of these.

Stories From the Field

Nature positive is a business imperative and our industry has an important role to play. 

Find out just some of the ways that members are taking action today.